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Executive Protection

When you take on Dennis Carter International you automatically have the option of many additional services. One of these is being looked after by a fully qualified close protection officer (CPO). Furthermore, if you specifically request this service and have particular requirements, we will adapt our approach to match your needs, possibly taking on additional CPO’s if circumstances dictate it to be necessary.

At some time or another, all of us may need something more than just a standard chauffeur.

Close protection is ideal for individuals who need to feel 100% safe and secure, for Embassy staff and corporate management, high-net-worth individuals, Senior Executive’s, people with high profiles attending public events.

Dennis Carter International Close Protection service is matched with a discreet professional presence.

All our CPO’s have finely honed skills in threat and risk assessment, surveillance awareness and the ability to select a travel route in order to diminish any risks and dangers facing the client. Conflict management is second nature to them in the unlikely event that it is required.

There is nothing quite like feeling protected, even when you don't want it to be noticeable.